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April 29, 2019

Soms delen we iets dat niet direct van onze opleiding afkomt, wel zeker de moeite waard is om te lezen en meer zegt over Montessori Education én een pakkende afbeelding bevat.


Kay Baker was a montessoriteacher:

"Montessori really wants children to be prepared to live in the world. ...

She says, You have to teach the children about money, you have to teach them about measurement, you have to teach them about calculating, because those are the skills that will help them to thread their way through all the situations that will arise." 


Ms. Baker was a veteran Montessori teacher, known especially for her insights into math education.


Speaking of our own growth as adults, in reaching the understanding that we must give children space for learning things at their own pace, Ms. Baker said: "To be able to have that amount of trust in a child, we have to develop it.” And this includes being careful to not just give them all the answers straightaway, for it’s in the process of doing the problems — which can be messy at times — that children truly grow. As Ms. Baker once put it: “It’s in making the mistake that the child begins to discover their own abilities.”


(photo | metal inset drawing | Anne Frank, 1941 | Anne Frank House, Anne Frank Collection, A_AFrank_II_1)





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