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Dit vormt de essentie van ons beroep.. de kinderen zijn de school!

April 2, 2020

And in the blink of an eye, classrooms emptied and the teachers came to school and rejoiced at the silence and the calm of it all.

But as the hands of time passed and days grew longer, the days seemed increasingly empty. The life that had filled the hallways and the classrooms was no longer there.

The teachers sat and wondered about what it meant to be a teacher and what it was, that made them choose this profession in the first place.

Those little moments of triumph, the slight smile of a child achieving a goal, overcoming a hurdle or saying thank you for making a difference, seemed suddenly invaluable.

Soon the teachers realised that the children were the school, they were the curriculum and they are the lessons that we all teach. A school without children is simply a building.

It’s the smiles, the tears, the moments that you’ll never forget, the intangible bond between student and teacher that make this job do meaningful.

I think I speak for every teacher out there when I say “I can’t wait until this is all over and the kids come back!” ❤️

#teachers #children #montessori #education

Gavin McCormack - Principal at Farmhouse Montessori School - Australia



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